hello! today i'm going to be educating you on bi lesbians! <3

what is a bi lesbian?

a bi lesbian is a bisexual person who has a preference for women or a bisexual person who is attracted to women and enbies.

what's the issue?

1. lesbians are not attracted to men at all. if you are attracted to men, you are not a lesbian.

2. lesbianism has always included non-binary people, and to say it doesn't is lesbophobic and transphobic.

3. if bi lesbians "exist," then do bi straight people exist? the terminology doesn't make sense.

"but, but, i'm not hurting anyone!"

yes, you are. personally, as a lesbian, i feel invalidated by bi lesbians. they undermine the definition of lesbianism and my experience with it.

"but what about history? there was no difference between bi women and lesbians"

yes, because lesbian wasn't a sexuality, but rather a behavior. it doesn't mean that anymore. lesbians are exclusively attracted to women and enbies and to say they aren't is lesbophobic. saying that you are a lesbian while being attracted to men validates the myth that lesbians are secretly attracted to men.

"but i prefer women over men!"

lots of bisexual people have a preference. it's common and doesn't call for using an exclusive term that doesn't apply to you. sapphic and wlw are available for you to use instead of lesbian.